Fashion or Function - Why not both?

When you've decided the time has come to re-model the seating area of your living space, how much time is spent considering the level of comfort you'd like to enjoy? Most of us will spend the vast majority of our decision making process trying to decide which size, shape, colour and covering will lend itself to complimenting and enhancing the visual appearance of the space, however does this come at the cost of being comfortable?


How much consideration is given to comfort?

We've all visited a friend or family member and taken notice of how aesthetically stunning a newly added couch, loveseat, sectional or chair is only to find ourselves shifting and adjusting our seating position in an effort to find comfort and space. If you've found a fabric and style that impresses, but cushioning that leaves something to be desired, you've short changed yourself!

Find the utmost in both Fashion and Function with the help of an Interior Decorator.

At Buy The Yard Interiors, we're pleased to work with you, step by step, to ensure you select a piece - whether it be a couch, loveseat, sectional, chair or anything between - that gives you the fit and form to enhance your space above and beyond your expectations.

We can start by visiting one of our many local manufacturing partners in the Golden Horseshoe and beyond – many of whom are Canadian owned and operated – to view a vast selection of finished pieces. Once we've found a size, style and cushion fill preference, we put the finishing touch on by selecting a covering that complements the existing space and personal taste from the 1000's of coverings available to view at our showroom.

Reach out to us at Buy The Yard Interiors and our experienced Decorators can guide you through the selection process to ensure you enjoy the look, feel and longevity of the latest addition to your seating area for years to come!


Reimagining the family home: thinking outside the box!

Have you ever questioned why you are redecorating a room, thinking to yourself “I don’t know why I’m decorating this room because we never use it?” This might be a sign that it is not being used to its potential and it’s time to let your imagination run free and start thinking outside the box. Often times we restrict ourselves to old fashioned ideas that don’t work in our busy lives. Ask yourself these questions about your space and see if you are using it in a way that works for you:


Does the space function properly to meet your needs? If you’re using a terribly lit little space to do your sewing and crafting, you will understand exactly what we’re talking about here! Make sure that your space has the ability to function properly for your intended use. Just like you don’t want a media room to be too bright, make sure that rooms used for close tasks like sewing have enough light to be functional.


Is your living room, or any other room, out of date and underused? Are you ready to open your mind to new possibilities about the use of your existing space? Present your new ideas to your family in a positive light, suggesting benefits to everyone’s lifestyle. This will make the process of redecorating painless, in a supportive atmosphere. You will be thrilled when an uncomfortable, underutilized space finally becomes comfortable and functional. Convert a large living room into a dining room and host more parties!


Why cling to outmoded rooms when you can have the space that you dream of? Think outside the box to reclaim and rediscover functional space that already exists within your home. Ask yourself the questions above and if you’re ready to reimagine your home, you’ll love Buy the Yard Interiors in Ancaster. For more information, please give us a call at 905-648-7979.

Budgeting Without Tears

Designing and decorating a space is always an incredibly exciting and rewarding time of life. Choosing colours, fabrics, dreaming about the new use of space…it’s all so much fun that as customers we can forget to cover one of the most important areas – establishing a budget.


Sometimes a budget that you live with and getting everything you want can be a tall order, but with careful consideration any budget can be worked with to create picture perfect results. Budgeting can be a difficult topic to discuss, because it can be fraught with emotion. If a decorator knows your budget they can make well informed decisions to save you time and money. Knowing your budget is always the way to go, as it avoids misunderstandings later on down the line. Fewer misunderstandings equal less stress, which we always strive for.

Decorating should be fun, right? Unfortunately, when you decorate there are a few traps that you can fall into. One trap is being really unrealistic about costs. This is where your research becomes important. Familiarize yourself with what items cost today. Many people haven’t done any decorating for many years, or they have never worked with a designer. Some people have champagne tastes on a beer budget, so they need to think outside the box to provide the environment that they are looking for at a reasonable price. Having a realistic budget will make your decorating experience a joy. At Buy the Yard Interiors in Ancaster we are happy to help you with any questions about this part of the design process.

Wallpaper: A Wonderful Way to Beautify Your Home!

Yes, it’s true—wallpaper is back and better than ever! But if the very word evokes images of your grandmother’s walls covered in busy, retro flowers and psychedelic globs, then it’s time you checked out how designers are using this versatile wall treatment option to infuse style, chic and distinction to today’s interiors.

Modern wallpapers are affordable, easier to use than their predecessors and packed with the power to make decorating statements that range from bold and dramatic to quiet and elegant. Many contemporary wallpapers bring a modern twist to time-tested classics—botanicals, intricate damask patterns, stripes and geometrics, all in updated colour palettes, designs and textures. You can take the plunge and paper an entire room, or step gradually into the experience by using it only in smaller areas.

Consider just a few of the many popular options today:

  • Large patterns—Whether your taste runs to fast-forward geometrics or exotic lotus flowers, plan large patterns carefully. In many cases, bold designs are better confined to accent walls and powder rooms or used tone-on-tone to control their impact and avoid overwhelming the room.
  • Textured designs—Flocked, embossed or textured papers add dimension and interest to a room without necessarily adding extra colour. Some textures are also paintable, allowing you to customize the paper to your current colour scheme.
  • Classic designs—Stripes in the latest colour palettes are a timeless way to add instant chic. Or for a soft, romantic look, nothing beats wispy florals or vines set amidst updated colour themes. If you want to transform plain walls, wallpaper is one way to add colour and style, often with greater versatility that paint alone can achieve.

Consult with an experienced design professional who can help you plan where, how much and what kind of wallpaper is best for your interiors. Buy The Yard Interiors provides expert consulting and custom products to beautify your home and office with window fashions, furniture and decorative accents. Please call us at 905-648-7979.

Home Accessorizing Part II: Vertical Surfaces

In part 1 of our article on home accessorizing tips, we discussed design principles for accenting horizontal surfaces such as mantels and tabletops. This time, we’re focusing on vertical surfaces, the most spacious of which are the walls. Whether yours are large or small, there are plenty of decorating ideas that you can use to create interest and add style.

Many of the same principles for decorating horizontal surfaces apply equally to vertical surfaces. Remember that your main goal is to achieve an effectively balanced theme using the elements of colour, size, texture and depth. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Pictures and artwork provide endless opportunities for jazzing up a plain wall. If you have a single, spectacular piece, place it by itself to create a focal point inside the room.
  • Smaller pieces are also very effective when clustered together into a mini gallery on a single wall. Aim to create a pleasing balance with frames of varying sizes, shapes and weights.
  • Mirrors are not only attractive, but they also have the power to alter your perception of a room’s dimensions and lighting.
  • A grouping of smaller mirrors can help reflect light to brighten up a dark space. A large, door-sized mirror inside a spacious room can add drama and create the illusion of increased expansiveness. For effective balance, make sure to scale the mirror to the size of the room.

Texture is a greatly underused design element, but one which imparts dimension and visual interest to a room no matter what the colour scheme. Picture a bronze or metal sculpture adjacent to a fireplace, or a brocade wall tapestry behind a hallway accent table. Whatever accents you choose, remember to build them around the colour theme and proportions of the room and its furnishings. If your accent also serves as a functional item, such as a reading lamp, make sure that its height and colour don’t interfere with effective use of the item’s usefulness.

For more information on expert consulting and custom products to beautify your home, please call us at 905-648-7979.

Home Accessorizing Tips Part I: Horizontal Surfaces

Kitchen islands, tables and mantelpieces—each is a different feature inside your home, but what they have in common are horizontal surfaces that can be attractively transformed by smart accessorizing.

A common inclination may be to place a lamp in the centre or a pair of candlesticks on the ends, but adding interest and style to horizontal surfaces can encompass so much more. Keep in mind that the most successful decorating themes create interest and achieve an effective balance of size and colour.

 Ancaster, Ontario

Ancaster, Ontario

With a few basic design principles in mind, we've put together a few suggestions that you may be able to use right away with your existing pieces:

  • Grouping—Spreading an assortment of accents evenly over a horizontal surface most often produces a clutter that lacks focal point or unified theme. Instead, try grouping decorative elements close together in clusters. Keep in mind that a group of odd numbers provides a roundness of feel that works better than even numbered groupings—use a group of three or five instead of a group of four.
  • Centering—You may instinctively place a decorative accent smack in the middle of your horizontal surface, but off-centre placements are chic and less formal. For balance, experiment with placing an off centre item with a small cluster of neighbouring accents.
  • Layering and proportion—Building accents on top of or in front of each other add depth and dimension to an otherwise flat surface. Manipulating varying heights is another technique that helps create a sense of balance. Try a statuette seated atop a stack of coffee table books, or place a taller vase of flowers on a low end table to bring the eye upward.

With a few basic principles in mind, you can transform your home’s horizontal surfaces from plain to fabulous.

For expert consulting and custom products to beautify your home, Please call us at 905-648-7979.


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