4 Benefits of Downsizing Your Home

When your children are all grown up and have homes of their own, this time of year can feel a little disorienting. Parents get so used to the bustle of back-to-school season that it's completely normal to wake up thinking you have to get a child ready for the bus before remembering they're 25 years old and don't even live at home anymore. 


That's why Autumn is a time when many parents of adult children start to consider the possibility of downsizing, selling their home built for a family in favour of one designed with a couple in mind. It can be a daunting decision but, depending on your unique circumstances, it may be in your best interest. 

Where you choose to live is a deeply personal decision and no one can tell you what's best for your unique needs. But if you are sticking with your large, family-sized home simply for sentimental reasons, or because you never really considered downsizing, there are many potential benefits to consider.

1. Cost

Depending on your local real estate market, selling a large home and purchasing a smaller one in a comparable neighbourhood could be a financial windfall. In many parts of the country, a smaller home, condo, or apartment could be tens of even hundreds of thousands of dollars less than what you'll get selling your current residence.

On top of that, smaller homes are typically cheaper to maintain - lower utility bills, lower property taxes.

If you have no need or desire to cut costs, downsizing can be an opportunity to give yourself and your spouse a huge upgrade in living standards. If you purchase a new, smaller home with a reduced lot size for around the same price as you sell your current residence, you can typically choose a much more exclusive neighbourhood, or a community that provides services and amenities you enjoy. 

2. Relaxation

Never underestimate the physical and emotional impact of a home that is just right for you and your spouse, a home that perfectly meets your needs and contains your belongings. Whether it's clutter or unused rooms, living in the wrong type of house for your current circumstances can make you feel stressed or anxious. 

Downsizing doesn’t have to be drastic - going from a large family-sized home to a smaller home with reduced lot size is also an option.

Downsizing doesn’t have to be drastic - going from a large family-sized home to a smaller home with reduced lot size is also an option.

If your current space just doesn't work anymore, downsizing might be a great way to give yourself peace of mind. Imagine fully using every part of your home, being surrounded only by the belongings that you specifically chose because you love them and they create a positive atmosphere. 

If you are the type of person who clings to your current home because of your cherished memories of raising your children there, don't forget to take the future into account. Imagine the novelty, the excitement, of welcoming your children to your new home when they visit. Think about showing off the interior design and decor that truly reflects who you are as an individual. Your children are adults now, and a new, downsized home is a great way to nurture a relationship closer to peers.

3. Chores

Small homes are simply easier and faster to clean. Not only do you have less floor space to tidy up, but there are fewer belongings dragging you down as well. Everything from laundry to dish-washing just feels that little bit less taxing. 

4. Lifestyle

Custom, Ontario-made cabinet

Custom, Ontario-made cabinet

Whether conscious or not, a large family home can restrict the way you live your life. The increased costs could mean fewer vacations, the increased demand on your time for cleaning and maintenance can mean less leisure time with family. Downsizing is a great way to set yourself up for the future. You feel more liberated, more able to say yes whenever opportunity comes knocking.

Years from now, a smaller home can even prove beneficial when it's time to sell. In most real estate markets, smaller homes are in higher demand because young couples are buying and even families tend to be much smaller than in the past. 

If you are considering downsizing, at Buy The Yard Interiors our experts can show you just how exciting it is to create exactly the atmosphere you want in a smaller home. We offer custom furniture options suitable for smaller spaces and design services to help you choose what to move and what to replace. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

4 Tips To Add Summer Sizzle to Your Decor

There is a lot to love about summer, from backyard barbecues to late evening entertaining. Whatever you enjoy about the hottest time of the year, you can get even more out of the season by adding a little summer sizzle to your home decor.


Here are four of the easiest ways you can bring the vitality of summer into your home.

1. Get a summer duvet cover

Not only is summer duvet covers cool and comfortable, but they are also an effortless way to add a little something new to your private oasis. Summer duvet covers come in a limitless variety of patterns and colours and since it’s a seasonal treat you don’t need to be afraid to be bold. Whether it’s a warm and welcoming golden yellow or a rainbow of seashells, a summer duvet cover is a simple treat that you will want to enjoy well into fall. Whether you’re looking for luxurious custom bedding or ready-made bedding from premium Canadian brands, we can help you find the perfect summer set to fit your style.

2. Update your outdoor space

A few simple enhancements to your outdoor space can really help you make the most of the season. If you already have a front step or backyard decked out with summer furniture, get some vibrant, colourful throw pillows. Add a few decorative candle holders or vividly-patterned pots for herbs or other plants. Get an exciting outdoor rug or accent furnishings in a material that screams summer such as wicker, wood, and stone. 

A few easy, affordable additions can breathe new life into your outdoor space and make you want to enjoy it more, whether that’s relaxing alone or entertaining family and friends. If you’re looking for more outdoor inspiration, you might like this blog!

20190801_140327 (1).jpg

3. Switch out your shower curtain

You would be amazed at how a new shower curtain can completely transform the atmosphere of your bathroom. Because it’s a temporary piece of decor, a summer shower curtain can be as cute, colourful, and fun as you like. Find one that makes you smile, even laugh, and enjoy the delightful experience of seeing it every morning.

If you’re worried the pattern or colour you’ve chosen is too bold and will clash with your existing decor, just add a few accents such as towels in a complementary colour or a matching bath mat. 

4. Replace one main lighting fixture

Have some fun with one of the lighting fixtures you use most by treating yourself to a whimsical, attention-grabbing statement piece. Go for something big and blingy, a light fixture that screams summer and reminds you of a beachside resort or fancy hotel. 

Whether it’s above the kitchen table, or on an end table in the living room, it’ll bring a little more fun to your time at home. You may even find yourself drawn to more elaborate lighting fixtures in the future. Lighting really is an underused opportunity to create a unique and welcoming atmosphere.

Summer will be over before you know it. At Buy The Yard Interiors, we can help you make the most of it by celebrating the richness of the season inside and outside of your home. 

Finding Your Own Sense of Style

Your home is more than just your domain. It’s also your canvas, a place to showcase your own personal sense of style. If the thought of decorating an entire home feels overwhelming, or you simply aren’t sure what style you want, get started with the following tips.


Start with one item

The atmosphere you create in your home will have a significant and lasting impact on your daily life. Whether you want to clean airiness of minimalism, the wrap-around comfort of country kitsch, or anything in between, there is no wrong answer. It’s simply your personal preference.

If you aren’t sure what home decor style is your favourite, the easiest thing to do is to start with a single item you truly love. It could be a light fixture, a piece of furniture, a paint colour, a fabric pattern, or even just a centrepiece or end table. Identify one item that makes you feel at home and use it as a guide.

Seek inspiration everywhere

What did you like most about your childhood home? Which friend’s home do you enjoy visiting most? What rooms in television shows and movies have caught your attention? You can find inspiration everywhere.

Take some time to look at real estate listings, open houses, designer showrooms, and even online design galleries like houzz.com. Another tip is to search for pictures of that one item you started with just to see how it fits into a wide variety of designs. Whenever you see something you like, make note of it. In no time you’ll have pages of inspirations to choose from.

Take time for self-reflection

What colours are most common in your wardrobe? What are your favourite hobbies? What do you enjoy doing when you are home alone? What’s something you would do more often if you had a dedicated space for it? Having a clear understanding of what you like and how you want to live in your home is a great way to inform the most effective, rejuvenating home decor for your personal taste.

Once you have some idea what you are looking for in your home decor, consult an interior design expert. They can save you a lot of trial and error by helping you choose the correct decor the first time. At Buy The Yard Interiors, we can show you how to transform your inspirations into a welcoming, comforting place you can call home. 

Trends From The Past

Retro home decor always enjoys a dedicated following and if you are one of its many fans then 2019 is shaping up to be a real treat. Many of the retro era's iconic styles are making a comeback as homeowners thoughtfully incorporate them into a wide variety of contemporary spaces.


If you are looking for ways to add a little retro whimsy and class to your home, here are some of the easiest ways that are surging in popularity this year.


From kitchen tables, to bar stools, to living room chairs, round is in. This staple shape of the retro era has gotten some significant upgrades over the years, especially improvements in function and comfort.

Trendy items for this year include round kitchen tables in all types of materials, from wood to chrome, and exceptionally relaxing Monroe armchairs for relaxing, reading, or even nursing. Art deco furnishings are also highly desirable right now, including everything from scalloped armchairs to glamorous, geometric end tables.


Whether it's simply an accent piece or the overall style of a home's decor, designers are increasingly returning to retro fabrics and colours. Velvet upholstery on furnishings is a hot item, as are bold colours such as burnt yellow rugs and wall art.

Even kitchen appliances are being made in pastel pinks and greens to mimic those of yesteryear. There is no shortage of ways to add a little retro pop to your home.


Bronze fixtures have been popular for several years now precisely because of the warm and welcoming retro vibe they evoke. At the other end of the spectrum, those who want a cool, clean look are lately turning to another retro metal – chrome.

From kitchen faucets and sinks to chair legs and wall art frames, bronze and chrome are incredibly versatile tools to create exactly the look you want.

It's easiest to start small. A single well-chosen accent piece can get you started on a new style journey that can completely rejuvenate your entire home. Whether it's a plinth table for the living room, or something as simple as a rice paper lantern for your reading nook, at Buy The Yard Interiors, we can help you find the perfect fit your home and style.

Embrace the Great Outdoors

With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to begin taking full advantage of your property's outdoor space. Whether it's just a small balcony or a sprawling backyard, there are steps you can take to create more living space while enjoying the relaxation of the great outdoors.

Here are some great ways to get an early start!



A good scrub can brighten even the dingiest of balcony floors, wooden decks, and patio stones. Rinse down any outdoor furniture. Give your barbecue or fire pit a thorough brushing. Get a head start on your gardening.

Anything you can do to breathe fresh life into your outdoor space will get you outside and enjoying it even sooner.


If your family enjoys eating outside, create the perfect space to do that. Ensure you have enough durable outdoor furniture to comfortably seat the entire family. Then work on creating the atmosphere your family enjoys most. Outdoor decor can be just as rewarding as interior design – choose accent pieces and colours that bring you joy, whether it's just placemats or metal wall art to hang on a backyard fence.

Many people's favourite thing to do in an outdoor space is simply relax, and maybe read a book. Even on a small balcony, you can create a comfortable reading nook. All you really need is a comfortable outdoor chair, optional shade, and a durable end table for books or refreshments.

However you use your outdoor space, there are two things you should never forget – lighting and warmth. There are countless lighting options for outdoor spaces that can really help set the right mood. You will also appreciate having something warm and cozy on hand, such as throw pillows and blankets, for those late summer nights when the evenings can get a little cooler.


To experience the full effect of your increased living space, the best trick is to bring a little of the outdoors inside. You want to blur the transition between the two.

For example, in a small apartment, you could display houseplants on attractive accent furniture just inside the patio doors with a larger potted plant on the balcony just outside. In a larger home, you could update your window coverings. Replace heavy living room drapery with light and airy fabrics. Likewise, blinds can protect against the sun while still giving a great view of the outdoors.

Another great tip is to use more natural materials and textures. Stone and wooden accents with a natural finish can be just as effective as flowers and vibrant, colourful wall art. Whatever makes you think of summer fun, try to find a way to bring a taste of that inside your home as well.

At Buy The Yard Interiors, we can help you make the most of all your living space, including your personal piece of the great outdoors. Make the most of this summer by contacting us via email or phone and we will schedule an appointment.

Transforming Children's Rooms for Teens

As children transition into become young adults, it’s natural to expect their childhood tastes to evolve. We often find, the transition manifests through hairstyle, clothes, and yes, their bedroom designs.


No amount of superhero posters or photo collages can completely transform a childhood room that was clearly designed with someone much younger in mind. Allowing a teenager to create a more adult personal space is a great way to help them assert their independence.

Here are some simple home decor and interior design choices your teenager can make to enhance their bedroom and, just maybe, your relationship.

An Adult-sized Desk

These days, many teenagers have a personal computer in their bedroom or at least a neat, little desk they use to complete their homework.

Letting your teenager choose a stylish, adult desk is a great way to raise the level of maturity in their bedroom. Depending on the boundaries you have set for them, you could even let your teenager get a desk with a drawer they can lock for their most private belongings.

Furniture for Teenage Activities

If your teenager has a hobby that requires a lot of materials, such as gaming or crafting, let them choose an Ottoman for the foot of the bed with ample storage.

If they love to read, create a stylish reading nook with an end table and a comfortable chair.

If they love fashion or photography, let them customize canvas prints to professionally display on their walls or even design customized shelving to display their favourite pictures.

A personalized piece of furniture tailored to a teenager's personal interests will always be a welcome addition.

Colours, Textures, and Fabrics

From bed linens to window coverings, to paint colours, teenagers often have eclectic taste. Why not let them indulge in the colours, textures and fabrics they truly love?

They get to experience the joy that comes from living in surroundings that make them feel most at home. If you don't like their choices yourself, they can easily be reversed when the time comes to refresh the decor or sell. If you're brave enough, you can even let them explore their artistic side by allowing graffiti on their bedroom walls.

When your teenager is no longer living at home full time, you may end up converting their bedroom into, for example, a guest room. By keeping their favourite bed linens and wall decor in storage and bringing it out when they visit home, you can easily make them feel completely welcome.

At Buy The Yard Interiors, we can help you find the most appropriate way to transform a child's bedroom into one fit for a teenager. All you have to do is contact us via email or phone and we will schedule an appointment.

Enhance Your Lifestyle Through Thoughtful Home Decor

We all understand the principle that form follows function. However, many of us struggle to decorate our homes in a way that not only complements our family's unique lifestyle, but enhances it.


Whatever your unique needs and expectations are, there are many ways to support that lifestyle through thoughtful home decor. For example, here are some interior design enhancements for common household situations.

Welcoming Young Grandchildren

Grandparents who frequently enjoy having their grandchildren over usually don't mind them bringing along their toys. The kids might bring over a bagful to play on the living room floor while their grandparents watch or join in the fun.

A simple home decor choice can make that quality time easier. The grandparents could choose a handsome coffee table that doubles as a toy box. This enables the grandparents to easily transform their adult living room to a children's play area. Cleaning up is as simple as tossing the toys back inside the coffee table. The best part is Grandchildren feel welcomed when they can identify a special place to keep their own treasures at their home away from home!

Entertaining Family and Friends

We all recognize a great home for entertaining when we see it, but beyond large spaces and open concepts, there are many home decor choices that give us that feeling even if we don't recognize them at the time.

One great behind-the-scenes example is storage. If you entertain a lot, you almost certainly have far more dishware and utensils than you normally need. Choosing an attractive and out-of-sight way to store the items you only need when entertaining helps your home function as you need without looking cluttered the rest of the time. It also gives you great options for storing out-of-season clothing and other items that can overwhelm contemporary home decor.

Custom cabinetry and well-chosen storage options can make all the difference. Not only do they help you avoid common pitfalls in homes that often entertain, but they can elevate your home decor as well. A built-in cabinet wine rack looks much more elegant than fishing a bottle out of a cupboard.

Overnight Guests

Frequent overnight guests can present a design challenge whether you have a guest bedroom or not. In many homes, the guest bedroom effectively becomes a storage room where the closet and dressers are filled with things such as out-of-season clothes. You can make a guest bedroom more functional and inviting by creating space and adding a few personal touches.

Ensuring some closet and dresser space is available for guests to place their own items is a great first step. If you really want to make them feel welcome, an accent piece of furniture that includes shelves is a great option. You can display a picture including the guest, a little case of fresh toiletries, and maybe even a few extra blankets. Even something as simple as a houseplant on an attention-grabbing end table can make the room and the guest feel part of your home.

If you do not have a guest bedroom, there are still many ways to make your home more welcoming to overnight guests. There are countless ways to hide extra beds in today's furniture, and popular decorative items like dressing screens can easily be used to create privacy.

However you use your home, interior design can make it more effortless and enjoyable. At Buy The Yard Interiors, we can help you find or design exactly what you want, with form and function that enhances your lifestyle. Just contact us by email or phone and we will schedule an appointment.

There’s More to Choosing Drapery Than Colour

Choosing the right window treatments can be a challenge. Just finding a design you love can be difficult, let alone deciding between different forms and functions. Whether you want your window treatments to be a focal point or fade into the background, there is more to think about than just colour or pattern.


These tips will help you ensure the window treatments you choose check every box, even ones you might not have thought about before.

Consider Your Climate

Warm climates require window treatments that don't let heat build up inside your home. This could be a brightly-coloured blinds, drapery that blocks the sun's warming rays, or light and airy curtains that still allow a soothing breeze to pass through open windows.

In colder climates, you will want window treatments that provide insulation and ensure the heat inside your home stays there. This could include darker blinds and drapery.

Know Your Space

Although you should always go with your own personal taste, there are suggested forms of window treatment for every room in your house. For example:

  • In the bedroom, elegant floor-to-ceiling drapery is a popular choice. Using two rods, you can have heavy, light-blocking drapes to ensure a restful sleep paired with translucent curtains underneath to provide privacy and natural light during the day.

  • In the bathroom, your most important consideration has to be material. You need something that can deal with a lot of moisture without getting mildewy. Cellular shades often a clean look and provide ample privacy, especially in brighter colours that let lots of natural light into the room.

  • In the kitchen, a Roman shade is a modern, elegant alternative to window valances and cafe curtains. Rolled up to the same height as a window valance, Roman shades have a more modern style that doesn't appear dated the way some other kitchen window treatments can.

  • Window treatments for living rooms are often chosen for their colour or pattern. It's a room where many homeowners use their window treatments as a focal point, often even changing them out for different seasons. Whatever your personal style, one of the best ways to make your living room windows pop is layering. Light-filtering blinds behind elegant drapery adds dimension to your room, and gives you plenty of ways to change things up.

Whether you are choosing window treatments for a dining room, or children's bedroom, or home office, there are tried and tested favourite forms that can help make your search easier.

Be sure to consider how many windows you have in your home. What looks good in a bathroom with one small window probably won't translate well in a bathroom with two large ones. Living rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows or angled ceilings could look cluttered or poorly decorated with an off-the-rack set of drapes.

Whatever your window treatment preferences and objectives, at Buy The Yard Interiors, we can help you find or design exactly what you want, with form and function that works for your home. All you have to do is contact us via email or phone and we will schedule an appointment.

Customization is the Hot Home Decor Trend for 2019

A new year is a fresh start, a time when many of us resolve to live better. Whether that means eating healthier, getting more exercise, or spending more quality time with family, it all begins at home. That is where most of us spend a majority of our time and that is also why the new year is such a busy time for home decor experts. Making the most of a fresh start inspires people to want a more welcoming and supportive home environment through the latest innovations and fastest-growing trends for the year ahead.


This year is no exception and one of the leading home decor trends for 2019 is certain to be customization. These days we have grown accustomed to getting exactly what we want when we want it, from television shows to gourmet dinners. Customization is a satisfying way to bring the same level of luxury to our home decor. There are countless affordable ways to incorporate customization into your home decor. Here are just four examples that are especially popular with our clients.


Trying to find the right drapery can be overwhelming. First you need to find a colour that works with your existing decor, then hope it is available in the right style and size. With customized drapery, you not only get a perfect fit, but you can elevate your style by designing drapery that pulls everything together. It is a fantastic way to bring that fresh start atmosphere into your home.


Choosing new furniture is often frustrating and time-consuming. It can feel as though the perfect piece simply doesn't exist and you have to settle for something that has many but not all of the attributes you wanted. The truth is you do not have to settle. With customized furniture, you can get exactly what you want – the highest quality materials, the perfect fit and function, and all in your personal style. Many clients describe designing their first piece of customized furniture as a life-changing experience, one that has greatly improved how they live and feel inside their homes.


If you want to start a little smaller, refreshing existing furniture with customized upholstery gives you great bang for your buck. The fabrics are comfortable and durable, perfect if you have pets, children, or well-used existing pieces. The best part is you get to choose the colours or patterns that truly make you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and at home. While not as revolutionary as customized furniture, the breath of fresh air you get from customized upholstery is a great way to start the new year.

Wall art

Wall art is one of the quickest, easiest, and most affordable ways to start the customization of your home decor. For example, canvas transfer prints allow you to professionally display prints of your favourite patterns and pictures, including family photos. You decide the print's dimensions so they are a great way to bring life to difficult spaces, small or large. Never underestimate the positive impact it can have when you pass by a favourite scene every day instead of a blank wall.

However you decide to customize your home decor, the new year is a great time to make a change. At Buy The Yard Interiors, we can help you customize your home with exactly the atmosphere you want. All you have to do is contact us via email or phone and we will schedule an appointment.

Give the Gift of Home Decor

It may be the most magical time of the year, but the holidays also mean it's gift-giving season and it can be stressful trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. If you have a family member or friend who appreciates good design and beautiful home decor, look no further for a great gift idea they will truly enjoy.


There are accent pieces to suit every style and budget and everyone appreciates knowing their loved ones have noticed they take pride in their home's appearance and atmosphere. Whether it's a college dorm or a dream house, a thoughtful gift of home decor can bring a little holiday joy for years to come.

Home decor gifts should satisfy at least one of three primary goals: comfort, convenience and style.


Comfort gifts are meant for your loved one to enjoy when they have no visitors. They are a great choice for anyone no matter their personal style because comfort gifts do not have to match the rest of the home's decor. In fact, they can be bold or even humorous because the expectation is they are put away when not in use. One of the most popular comfort gifts is a luxurious blanket for relaxing on the couch or a favourite chair. Bright, cheerful patterns are a great way to give your loved one a smile, especially if their style is minimalist or muted.


Convenience gifts are meant to make home life a little easier for your loved one. They include a wide variety of items, everything from pet care, to a closet insert for storing shoes, to a towel warmer for the bathroom.

Convenience gifts require a little more forethought than comfort gifts because you have to understand your loved one's current amenities and lifestyle. However, they are often well worth the extra planning.

Young people, whether they are students, renters, or new homeowners, often greatly appreciate convenience gifts.


Style gifts are what people most associate with the idea of giving a loved one home decor. They are intended to complement or elevate the recipient's existing style and require some expertise to ensure they're a hit rather than a big miss. Style gifts can be inexpensive such as stylish throw pillows or canvas print wall art, or a significant gift such as floor rugs or furniture.

One of the easiest and most popular ways to give the gift of home decor is with a well-chosen lamp. Whether it's a sleek, modern floor lamp or table lamp with a tasteful pop of colour, lamps are an attractive gift. This time of year, they are also a very practical one. Long nights call for more light, and can really brighten up a home for holiday entertaining – making them a great hostess gift your loved one can plug in right away.

Whoever you are shopping for this holiday season, consider home decor – especially if you are sneaking in one for yourself. This is a great time to indulge and get a great deal on an accent piece you have been wanting for a while. We spend so much time in our homes that it only makes sense to do everything we can to make them inviting spaces that make us feel great. At Buy The Yard Interiors, we can help you choose the perfect gift for someone special, even if it’s for yourself. All you have to do is contact us via email or phone and we will schedule an appointment.

Warm Up Your Home for Winter

One of the best ways to take the chill out of the upcoming winter season is to warm up your home with cozy, comforting decor. Here are several easy and affordable ways you can warm up your home for the winter.


Add some spice with warm accent pieces

Picture your bed with plush, throw pillows or blankets in an exciting, eye-catching colour. Imagine your bathroom with pastel blue towels and a bright purple bath mat. Think about the luxurious feeling of soft textures in your living room, whether it's leather furniture, faux fur pillows, or a decorative knitted blanket.

Accent pieces are one of the most inexpensive and effective ways to warm up your home. Create an atmosphere where your entire home makes you feel as though you just enjoyed your favourite comfort food.

Add extra layers to your decor, the same way you bundle yourself up to go outside. A textured rug on top of your existing floor rug, lush green houseplants, an oversized Ottoman instead of a coffee table, sticks of cinnamon as a centrepiece, colourful artwork for the walls, displaying books on end tables – every little touch of warmth you add combines to make a profound and positive experience for you and your family.

A splash of colour on your walls

Winter is dark and you must be careful not to darken your home further with too much rich, warm colour. However, if you have a bright, modern home with lots of natural light, you can afford to indulge and splash some vibrant red, comforting orange, or soothing yellow in an area where you spend a lot of time, such as a kitchen, living room, or bedroom.

Accent walls may be falling out of style in other seasons, but they can still be a wonderful way to help melt away those winter blues.

Say goodbye to cool lighting

Contemporary preferences for silver-hued metal light fixtures and light bulbs that emit a cool, blue light are great in other seasons but they can really lower your mood in winter. Swap out your existing light bulbs for lower-wattage ones that bathe your home in a welcoming, warm glow.

If you want an even more striking impact, consider new seasonal light fixtures and lamps. During the coldest months, you would be surprised how much better a bronze light fixture fan or mustard lamp can make you feel. Consider other sources of light as well. For example, enable the eye comfort setting on your mobile devices that reduces cool, blue light.

Ceiling fans are also an especially popular choice this season. Warm air rises, so having a fan to cycle it throughout your house can literally help warm it up.

Whatever your existing style, with some expert guidance you can affordably heat up the atmosphere in your home and raise the spirits of everyone who steps inside. At Buy The Yard Interiors, we believe every homeowner should be able to make the winter season a little more inviting. All you have to do is contact us via email or phone and we will schedule an appointment.

Top 5 Custom Enhancements to Transform Your Home

Custom enhancements from drapery to lighting are one of the most convenient and surprisingly affordable ways to completely transform your home. Instead of searching for something reasonably close to what you have in mind, refuse to settle. These are the top 5 custom enhancements that can breath new into your home by enabling you to get exactly what you want.

1. Give your windows personality - your personality


Drapery is always a focal point, whether simply an accent colour or the cornerstone that pulls your decor together. It is a great place to start when you want to transform the atmosphere in your home.

Creating exactly the look you want is easier with custom drapery, tying your most-loved decor together and evoking the feeling you want. No matter your personal style and preferences, custom drapery ensures you get the perfect colour, pattern, and style - and all with the added elegance of perfect fit and function.

2. Sleep easy with the perfect bedding


Your bedroom shouldn't just be the place you go to sleep. It can be an oasis that envelops you in a comforting, rejuvenating atmosphere.

Custom bedding is one of the most impactful ways to make your bedroom unique and extraordinary. Instead of having to search for a design you like, or settle for an uninspiring colour, with custom bedding you control the fabrics, textures, colours, and patterns.

Picture yourself coming home to high-quality, one-of-a-kind bedding that reflects your personality and brings you joy.

3. Create a stylish, functional space with furniture made just for you


Choosing furniture is one of the most difficult, time-consuming tasks when styling your home. If you are like most people, you have already purchased furniture that isn't the precise size and style that you wanted.

You never need to do that again with custom furniture that elevates your decor and gives your home character.

These bespoke pieces are a great value, made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship. In addition to style, you control the size and function which will completely transform the way you live in your home.

4. Give your furniture a facelift with the perfect upholstery


Custom upholstery is an affordable way to breathe new life into your furniture. Whether you have a sofa that is starting to look dated or a favourite chair that is showing signs of wear and tear, custom upholstery will restore your style with comfortable, durable fabrics.

When it comes to design, the sky's the limit. You don't have to search for a colour or pattern that you can live with, you get to choose the ones you want. Keep the furniture you love while still creating a brand new atmosphere.

5. Make your home really shine with the best lighting


The lighting inside your home affects how you, your family, and visitors feel more than you may realize. For example, it can influence your mood, energy levels, and social interactions.

Businesses have been using this knowledge for years, from dimly-lit restaurants that encourage you to get that dessert to blindingly-bright health and beauty stores that feel clean and sanitary.

Custom lighting gives you control of these powerful responses to lighting design.

You not only get exciting and energy-efficient style, but you also choose what to highlight and create a more welcoming home

At Buy The Yard Interiors, we believe every homeowner should experience the style and satisfaction of custom enhancements. Until October 31st, 2018 we will provide 50% off an in-house consultation. All you have to do is contact us via email or phone and we will schedule an appointment.

Let us work with you to ensure your home's style perfectly reflects your preferences and personality!

Warm Your Home with Rich, Vibrant Fall Colour

It's that time of year again! Pumpkin spice once again adorns the menu boards of cafes and the rich greens of summer are starting to transition to magnificent golds, reds, oranges and yellows.


Welcoming these vibrant fall colours into our homes is a wonderful way to breath new life into the spaces we use most, helping us to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Incorporating such strong, rich colours in an attractive and contemporary way requires a skilled hand, but doing so can easily be one of the most impactful seasonal changes you can make in your home.

Use contrasting splashes of colour

One of the easiest ways to introduce warm, fall colours to your home is through accents such as window coverings, wall art, and accessories.

Window coverings are a great place to start. Switching out a light or breezy summer colour for drapes in a deep wine or vibrant orange completely transforms the atmosphere of a room.

Wall art featuring natural materials such as metal and dark wood evoke fall as well, as do pictures taken during the season. Consider replacing family photos throughout your home with ones taken during fall.

Even accessories such as vases can be infused with the season by simply adding a few bare twigs and branches, while throw pillows and wraps can depict colourful leaves. Many summery materials, such as wicker baskets and houseplants, can easily be incorporated into a more modern, fall look.

Fiery fall looks need a good foundation

If you are feeling a little more ambitious, create a more immersive fall atmosphere with muted colours on the walls and deeper furniture fabrics. A white or pastel summer living room will instantly feel warmer this season with a soft green or cozy yellow on the wall.

Focus on warm colours that strongly evoke the comfortable, casual, layered atmosphere of fall. Reddish browns, deep yellows, and faded greens match perfectly with pops of grey, orange, red, and taupe.

Don't be intimidated by imposing fabrics. Textures such as distressed wood frames, velvet upholstery, and voluminous rugs all contribute to a strong fall foundation for your home.

Get creative with your space

Showcase your personality with engaging, welcoming features that make your home your own. Create a beautiful fall centrepiece for your kitchen table, or fill a shelf or mantlepiece with seasonal crafts such as mason jars filled with fall colours. You could even get a headstart on decorating for Halloween and Thanksgiving with accents such as pumpkins and fall wreaths.

As the temperature begins to drop and the leaves start to change, do yourself the favour of inviting the rich warmth of fall colours into your home. However you decide to embrace the season in your space, fall decor will excite your senses. At Buy The Yard Interiors, we work with you to ensure your expectations for the space are exceeded and you are able to cozy up and enjoy the season.

Bring life and colour back to minimalist spaces

Minimalism may be here to stay but many of the latest trends offer bold and colourful ways to soften its sterile edges, often in unexpected places and ways. Whether you are a fan of minimalist style or simply inherited it when you purchased your home, tinkering with it can feel intimidating. You may be unsure what or how much you can add without overwhelming your tidy, existing decor.


While the days of bright, white kitchens and bathrooms without personality are gone, the good news is there are many easy and affordable ways to breathe life back into your home.

Bring colour back to walls

A trendy paint colour or wallpaper can completely transform a plain room. For example, a stale, off-white bathroom can create a more rejuvenating atmosphere with green walls and some bamboo accents, or even just repainting the walls to the colour of sand. In the kitchen, it can be as simply as painting open shelves in a bright, contrasting colour.

Any minimalist space can benefit from a few well-chosen changes to the walls without feeling cluttered. One of the most popular additions are canvas transfer prints. You can add exactly the colours you want without having to tackle your existing decor. An oversized canvas transfer print in the kitchen or bathroom accomplishes the same visual effect as an accent wall without feeling dated, and really allows your personality to shine.

Liven up furniture and accent pieces

If you are feeling a little more ambitious, new furniture and accent pieces may be just what your minimalist space needs. Imagine fiery red stools in the kitchen, or a striking blue vanity in the bathroom. The options for bringing vitality back into your home are limitless.
If you're on a budget, consider starting with vibrant dishware or placements in the kitchen; or shower curtain and towels in the bathroom. Even a single item, such as a new and vivid light fixture, can makes all the difference in the world.

Incorporate touches of natural, organic materials

Minimalist spaces tend to be hard and their use of natural materials is often limited to stone. Broaden your experience of these spaces with softer, more organic materials. Wooden wall art or a driftwood centrepiece look great in a kitchen, while any bathroom can feel more welcoming with a wooden bath mat or houseplants in cheerfully-coloured pots.

Which natural materials will work best for you depends on your personal style. At Buy The Yard Interiors, listening and working with you, we're always here to help bring out the best in every room. Whether it's a wicker laundry basket in the bathroom, or a modern floral display featuring grasses in the kitchen, with a little help you can find the perfect fit.

The most important thing is to not allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the thought of updating minimalist decor. While it is true that any adjustments to this style must be handled carefully and thoughtfully, it is always possible to create exact the atmosphere you want.

Summer Trend – Bring the Outdoors In

There is something special about the way the great outdoors makes us feel relaxed and rejuvenated during the summer. Out in the natural world, we get to bask in the richness of summer. Bringing the outdoors inside our homes is an easy way to enhance and extend the pleasures of the season.


Greenery is one of the most popular ways to literally bring the outdoors into your home. Plants and flowers can make any space more welcoming and enjoyable. They even add an engaging punch of colour. Greenery is also exceptionally good as an accent for small or awkward empty spaces in your interior design. It's as simple as choosing a side table you really love, an attractive pot that elevates your decor, and a plant that's appearance or aroma lifts your spirits.

Choose accent colours associated with summer

Deep blues, rich reds, vibrant greens, and touches of gold – Introducing these colours can be as easy as switching out your curtains, or throw pillows, or art. If you are feeling more ambitious, you can apply a new paint colour or wallpaper to an accent wall, or replace a floor rug and end tables.

Use more natural materials

Surrounding yourself with design elements that feature stone, linen, wood, wicker, and other natural textiles will give you the feeling of being out in nature. The possibilities are limitless and it doesn't necessarily require you to make major design changes. It can be as simple as adding a new wooden side table in a peaceful, contemporary bathroom. You absolutely can find interior decor that uses natural materials and meets your tastes. Whether it's a piece of driftwood as a new centrepiece, cute wicker pots to grow fresh herbs on your kitchen windowsill, or wooden wall art, you will find options that suit your home perfectly.

Don’t be afraid of summer patterns

It may sound challenging to choose a bold pattern that compliments your existing decor, but you do not need to be afraid. There are summer patterns to suit every taste. Even something as specific as a throw pillow with a floral pattern will have many options for you to choose from. There are countless beautiful and complementary ways to bring summer patterns into your home – towels in the bathroom, placemats in the kitchen, wall art in the hallway, curtains in the great room, wallpaper on an accent wall, or a rug in the entranceway.

Get professional support

Whether you simply want to add a small pop of summer colour, or would like to update your decor and create a refreshing new atmosphere, our team of experts at Buy The Yard Interiors can help you bring the outdoors in on your terms. Contact us for more information about how to get exactly the look and feel you want from your home decor.

Why not re-arrange for a change?

A different view may open your eyes! We often find ourselves looking for a change in our homes or in life in general and the list of what needs to be changed can grow quickly. One thing leads to another and before you know it, you've become bogged down by a growing number of fairly significant habits to stop/start or items to remove/replace.


When it comes to changing our home's interior decor, most have the mindset that to make a change, it's “out with the old and in with the new” - but in many cases we can achieve as much with a small change to the old.

With the Summer months upon us, now is a great time to consider making changes to our indoor living spaces as we're finally able to enjoy the outdoors – no need to worry about a room being briefly 'under construction' – let us help with the inside while you relax outside!

Replace or Renew? Sometimes a simple rearrangement is all it takes!

Our home decor is something we see day in and day out. We chose 'just the right pieces' to make the room fit our eye in fashion and function, but eventually it becomes stale, worn out or dated and it's time for something new. That something new doesn't have to mean a replacement and related costs – why not take a look at changing the placement of a few items and the focal point of the room?

Swapping the placement of your couch, loveseat and coffee table is a great way to give a room a fresh feel. Take a look at your accessories as well – moving a piece of artwork, a group of candles or a plant from one side of a room to another or in to another room altogether will give the piece and the room new life – no need to endlessly add accessories and potentially clutter the space!

Discard to De-Clutter? Why not start a rotation?

It's often hard to let go of accessories and pieces of decor that were chosen after much consideration. We've all seen rooms of our own (or those of others) that start out being very deliberate and minimal, but over the years more accessories catch our eye and are added to the space. Before you know it you've got accessories and accent pieces that no longer compliment the room or each other!

Why not make a seasonal rotation? Throw blankets and heavier window coverings that make us feel cozy in the winter can be swapped out for something lighter and more airy in the warmer months. There's no need to get rid of an all season item after finding another all season item – designate it for one season and switch in another until that season rolls around again!

Where to start? The value of experience.

Changing a view, de-cluttering or re-arranging a space with a few minor alterations can be easier said than done. We've all had that moment of frustration wondering 'Okay, where to start?'. Like in many aspects of life, the help of professionals can go a long way!

The design team at Buy The Yard Interiors has a great deal of experience and expertise and can bring a fresh perspective and alternate view to a space you thought you'd seen from every angle.

Reach out to us and we'll get you on your way!


Enhancing and Adding Comfort to Your Outdoor Living Space

As hard as it is to believe, we're in to the month of May and we're just beginning to spend leisure time in our outdoor spaces – better late than never!


After cleaning up the yard, you've likely noticed some of your outdoor furniture, coverings and accessories have come through the Winter a little worse for the wear. Outdoor furniture is often overlooked when we think of customizing or re-upholstering. While many may opt to dispose of the aging pieces and replace them with something new, have you considered simply freshening up the worn fabrics?

Pergola Draperies – Spruce Up the Appearance and Add some Quaint Privacy

Your patio, deck or garden Pergola is often the centrepiece of your backyard – a place to relax with friends and family or enjoy some quiet time on your own. While not intended to be completely enclosed, sometimes a little privacy can go a long way in creating your backyard paradise.

Adding drapery to one or all sides – or even the roof – of your Pergola may be a subtle, yet fashionable solution to create a little shade and solitude. Buy The Yard Interiors offers many custom design options for all shapes and sizes of Pergolas, with many being available in UV and element resistant fabrics.

Not sure if drapery will work in your outdoor space? Reach out to us and we'd be happy to discuss everything from basic designs to custom creations!

Like the Chair in the Store, but not the Cushions? Older Outdoor Seating Cushions Faded or Torn?

We've all been there – you see a furniture piece in a store or online that fits perfectly in to an indoor space you have in mind – the size, style and build of the framing are just what you're looking for, but the fabric covering or filling of the cushions just wont work. This is no different for outdoor furniture, but not to worry!

There are a wide variety of element resistant fabrics and custom fill options available for your outdoor chairs, sofas, and even sectionals – whether it be a brand new piece that needs the final finishing touches to fit perfectly in to your recent backyard re-design, or a piece you've had for years but is in need of an update in comfort or style, a small change can make a big difference.

Before you walk away from that perfect new outdoor seating set or dispose of a favourite, simply because you feel you're stuck with the covering, consider customizing it from the get-go or freshening it up with new upholstery!

We're Happy to Help!

The options available to make things 'just right' in your backyard are plentiful – contact us at Buy The Yard Interiors and our experienced design team would be pleased to work with you to make your space outdoors relaxing and comfortable for yourself and your guests.

Spring has Sprung - There's No Better Time To Freshen Up Your Home Decor!

After a frigid winter that seemed like it would never end, we're just around the corner from the hot sun of the Summer – but let's not forget nature's time to rejuvenate; when the flowers begin to bloom – Spring!


Spring is a time of breezy freshness and new life in nature and also a great opportunity for us to bring new life to our homes. We've been cooped up indoors all winter and a few decor choices we've become all-to-familiar with may have become stale. Why not consider re-decorating a room that has lost its pizzazz?

Buy The Yard Interiors can assist you every step of the way in determining which rooms and accents might make the biggest splash when re-decorated:

Want to brighten up your Living, Family, or Great Room? Sheerweave blinds are an excellent way to add subdued Spring sunlight that will reinvigorate a space the whole day through, with the added benefit of protecting fabric coverings from fading under prolonged exposure to direct sunlight – some are even available with remote controls!

Do you enjoy the comfort and sizing of your seating, but you're growing a little tired of the look? Spring is a great time to have these re-upholstered as you'll be spending more time outdoors freshening up the yard to relax and enjoy the fresh air with friends and family.

Spring is also a great time to 'turn a new leaf' on your accent pillows and bedding! We can walk you through the many custom shapes, sizes, fills and fabrics and breezy Spring colours we have available with the help of our experienced design team.

Start small to avoid being overwhelmed, then reach out for help! You may have multiple rooms and multiple pieces that you may feel are need of replacement or updating, which may cause you to avoid starting the project altogether as you don’t know where to begin. We feel it’s best to take a quick glance rather than a long glare at a space to pinpoint a couple of things that jump out as the ‘top priority’ changes - baby steps are the perfect way to start a Spring project!

Reach out to us at Buy The Yard Interiors and we'd be delighted to help you add some renewed Spring freshness to your home and alleviate the headaches the decision making process can sometimes present.


Fashion or Function - Why not both?

When you've decided the time has come to re-model the seating area of your living space, how much time is spent considering the level of comfort you'd like to enjoy? Most of us will spend the vast majority of our decision making process trying to decide which size, shape, colour and covering will lend itself to complimenting and enhancing the visual appearance of the space, however does this come at the cost of being comfortable?


How much consideration is given to comfort?

We've all visited a friend or family member and taken notice of how aesthetically stunning a newly added couch, loveseat, sectional or chair is only to find ourselves shifting and adjusting our seating position in an effort to find comfort and space. If you've found a fabric and style that impresses, but cushioning that leaves something to be desired, you've short changed yourself!

Find the utmost in both Fashion and Function with the help of an Interior Decorator.

At Buy The Yard Interiors, we're pleased to work with you, step by step, to ensure you select a piece - whether it be a couch, loveseat, sectional, chair or anything between - that gives you the fit and form to enhance your space above and beyond your expectations.

We can start by visiting one of our many local manufacturing partners in the Golden Horseshoe and beyond – many of whom are Canadian owned and operated – to view a vast selection of finished pieces. Once we've found a size, style and cushion fill preference, we put the finishing touch on by selecting a covering that complements the existing space and personal taste from the 1000's of coverings available to view at our showroom.

Reach out to us at Buy The Yard Interiors and our experienced Decorators can guide you through the selection process to ensure you enjoy the look, feel and longevity of the latest addition to your seating area for years to come!