4 Tips To Add Summer Sizzle to Your Decor

There is a lot to love about summer, from backyard barbecues to late evening entertaining. Whatever you enjoy about the hottest time of the year, you can get even more out of the season by adding a little summer sizzle to your home decor.


Here are four of the easiest ways you can bring the vitality of summer into your home.

1. Get a summer duvet cover

Not only is summer duvet covers cool and comfortable, but they are also an effortless way to add a little something new to your private oasis. Summer duvet covers come in a limitless variety of patterns and colours and since it’s a seasonal treat you don’t need to be afraid to be bold. Whether it’s a warm and welcoming golden yellow or a rainbow of seashells, a summer duvet cover is a simple treat that you will want to enjoy well into fall. Whether you’re looking for luxurious custom bedding or ready-made bedding from premium Canadian brands, we can help you find the perfect summer set to fit your style.

2. Update your outdoor space

A few simple enhancements to your outdoor space can really help you make the most of the season. If you already have a front step or backyard decked out with summer furniture, get some vibrant, colourful throw pillows. Add a few decorative candle holders or vividly-patterned pots for herbs or other plants. Get an exciting outdoor rug or accent furnishings in a material that screams summer such as wicker, wood, and stone. 

A few easy, affordable additions can breathe new life into your outdoor space and make you want to enjoy it more, whether that’s relaxing alone or entertaining family and friends. If you’re looking for more outdoor inspiration, you might like this blog!

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3. Switch out your shower curtain

You would be amazed at how a new shower curtain can completely transform the atmosphere of your bathroom. Because it’s a temporary piece of decor, a summer shower curtain can be as cute, colourful, and fun as you like. Find one that makes you smile, even laugh, and enjoy the delightful experience of seeing it every morning.

If you’re worried the pattern or colour you’ve chosen is too bold and will clash with your existing decor, just add a few accents such as towels in a complementary colour or a matching bath mat. 

4. Replace one main lighting fixture

Have some fun with one of the lighting fixtures you use most by treating yourself to a whimsical, attention-grabbing statement piece. Go for something big and blingy, a light fixture that screams summer and reminds you of a beachside resort or fancy hotel. 

Whether it’s above the kitchen table, or on an end table in the living room, it’ll bring a little more fun to your time at home. You may even find yourself drawn to more elaborate lighting fixtures in the future. Lighting really is an underused opportunity to create a unique and welcoming atmosphere.

Summer will be over before you know it. At Buy The Yard Interiors, we can help you make the most of it by celebrating the richness of the season inside and outside of your home.