Finding Your Own Sense of Style

Your home is more than just your domain. It’s also your canvas, a place to showcase your own personal sense of style. If the thought of decorating an entire home feels overwhelming, or you simply aren’t sure what style you want, get started with the following tips.


Start with one item

The atmosphere you create in your home will have a significant and lasting impact on your daily life. Whether you want to clean airiness of minimalism, the wrap-around comfort of country kitsch, or anything in between, there is no wrong answer. It’s simply your personal preference.

If you aren’t sure what home decor style is your favourite, the easiest thing to do is to start with a single item you truly love. It could be a light fixture, a piece of furniture, a paint colour, a fabric pattern, or even just a centrepiece or end table. Identify one item that makes you feel at home and use it as a guide.

Seek inspiration everywhere

What did you like most about your childhood home? Which friend’s home do you enjoy visiting most? What rooms in television shows and movies have caught your attention? You can find inspiration everywhere.

Take some time to look at real estate listings, open houses, designer showrooms, and even online design galleries like Another tip is to search for pictures of that one item you started with just to see how it fits into a wide variety of designs. Whenever you see something you like, make note of it. In no time you’ll have pages of inspirations to choose from.

Take time for self-reflection

What colours are most common in your wardrobe? What are your favourite hobbies? What do you enjoy doing when you are home alone? What’s something you would do more often if you had a dedicated space for it? Having a clear understanding of what you like and how you want to live in your home is a great way to inform the most effective, rejuvenating home decor for your personal taste.

Once you have some idea what you are looking for in your home decor, consult an interior design expert. They can save you a lot of trial and error by helping you choose the correct decor the first time. At Buy The Yard Interiors, we can show you how to transform your inspirations into a welcoming, comforting place you can call home.