Transforming Children's Rooms for Teens

As children transition into become young adults, it’s natural to expect their childhood tastes to evolve. We often find, the transition manifests through hairstyle, clothes, and yes, their bedroom designs.


No amount of superhero posters or photo collages can completely transform a childhood room that was clearly designed with someone much younger in mind. Allowing a teenager to create a more adult personal space is a great way to help them assert their independence.

Here are some simple home decor and interior design choices your teenager can make to enhance their bedroom and, just maybe, your relationship.

An Adult-sized Desk

These days, many teenagers have a personal computer in their bedroom or at least a neat, little desk they use to complete their homework.

Letting your teenager choose a stylish, adult desk is a great way to raise the level of maturity in their bedroom. Depending on the boundaries you have set for them, you could even let your teenager get a desk with a drawer they can lock for their most private belongings.

Furniture for Teenage Activities

If your teenager has a hobby that requires a lot of materials, such as gaming or crafting, let them choose an Ottoman for the foot of the bed with ample storage.

If they love to read, create a stylish reading nook with an end table and a comfortable chair.

If they love fashion or photography, let them customize canvas prints to professionally display on their walls or even design customized shelving to display their favourite pictures.

A personalized piece of furniture tailored to a teenager's personal interests will always be a welcome addition.

Colours, Textures, and Fabrics

From bed linens to window coverings, to paint colours, teenagers often have eclectic taste. Why not let them indulge in the colours, textures and fabrics they truly love?

They get to experience the joy that comes from living in surroundings that make them feel most at home. If you don't like their choices yourself, they can easily be reversed when the time comes to refresh the decor or sell. If you're brave enough, you can even let them explore their artistic side by allowing graffiti on their bedroom walls.

When your teenager is no longer living at home full time, you may end up converting their bedroom into, for example, a guest room. By keeping their favourite bed linens and wall decor in storage and bringing it out when they visit home, you can easily make them feel completely welcome.

At Buy The Yard Interiors, we can help you find the most appropriate way to transform a child's bedroom into one fit for a teenager. All you have to do is contact us via email or phone and we will schedule an appointment.