Enhance Your Lifestyle Through Thoughtful Home Decor

We all understand the principle that form follows function. However, many of us struggle to decorate our homes in a way that not only complements our family's unique lifestyle, but enhances it.


Whatever your unique needs and expectations are, there are many ways to support that lifestyle through thoughtful home decor. For example, here are some interior design enhancements for common household situations.

Welcoming Young Grandchildren

Grandparents who frequently enjoy having their grandchildren over usually don't mind them bringing along their toys. The kids might bring over a bagful to play on the living room floor while their grandparents watch or join in the fun.

A simple home decor choice can make that quality time easier. The grandparents could choose a handsome coffee table that doubles as a toy box. This enables the grandparents to easily transform their adult living room to a children's play area. Cleaning up is as simple as tossing the toys back inside the coffee table. The best part is Grandchildren feel welcomed when they can identify a special place to keep their own treasures at their home away from home!

Entertaining Family and Friends

We all recognize a great home for entertaining when we see it, but beyond large spaces and open concepts, there are many home decor choices that give us that feeling even if we don't recognize them at the time.

One great behind-the-scenes example is storage. If you entertain a lot, you almost certainly have far more dishware and utensils than you normally need. Choosing an attractive and out-of-sight way to store the items you only need when entertaining helps your home function as you need without looking cluttered the rest of the time. It also gives you great options for storing out-of-season clothing and other items that can overwhelm contemporary home decor.

Custom cabinetry and well-chosen storage options can make all the difference. Not only do they help you avoid common pitfalls in homes that often entertain, but they can elevate your home decor as well. A built-in cabinet wine rack looks much more elegant than fishing a bottle out of a cupboard.

Overnight Guests

Frequent overnight guests can present a design challenge whether you have a guest bedroom or not. In many homes, the guest bedroom effectively becomes a storage room where the closet and dressers are filled with things such as out-of-season clothes. You can make a guest bedroom more functional and inviting by creating space and adding a few personal touches.

Ensuring some closet and dresser space is available for guests to place their own items is a great first step. If you really want to make them feel welcome, an accent piece of furniture that includes shelves is a great option. You can display a picture including the guest, a little case of fresh toiletries, and maybe even a few extra blankets. Even something as simple as a houseplant on an attention-grabbing end table can make the room and the guest feel part of your home.

If you do not have a guest bedroom, there are still many ways to make your home more welcoming to overnight guests. There are countless ways to hide extra beds in today's furniture, and popular decorative items like dressing screens can easily be used to create privacy.

However you use your home, interior design can make it more effortless and enjoyable. At Buy The Yard Interiors, we can help you find or design exactly what you want, with form and function that enhances your lifestyle. Just contact us by email or phone and we will schedule an appointment.