Bring life and colour back to minimalist spaces

Minimalism may be here to stay but many of the latest trends offer bold and colourful ways to soften its sterile edges, often in unexpected places and ways. Whether you are a fan of minimalist style or simply inherited it when you purchased your home, tinkering with it can feel intimidating. You may be unsure what or how much you can add without overwhelming your tidy, existing decor.


While the days of bright, white kitchens and bathrooms without personality are gone, the good news is there are many easy and affordable ways to breathe life back into your home.

Bring colour back to walls

A trendy paint colour or wallpaper can completely transform a plain room. For example, a stale, off-white bathroom can create a more rejuvenating atmosphere with green walls and some bamboo accents, or even just repainting the walls to the colour of sand. In the kitchen, it can be as simply as painting open shelves in a bright, contrasting colour.

Any minimalist space can benefit from a few well-chosen changes to the walls without feeling cluttered. One of the most popular additions are canvas transfer prints. You can add exactly the colours you want without having to tackle your existing decor. An oversized canvas transfer print in the kitchen or bathroom accomplishes the same visual effect as an accent wall without feeling dated, and really allows your personality to shine.

Liven up furniture and accent pieces

If you are feeling a little more ambitious, new furniture and accent pieces may be just what your minimalist space needs. Imagine fiery red stools in the kitchen, or a striking blue vanity in the bathroom. The options for bringing vitality back into your home are limitless.
If you're on a budget, consider starting with vibrant dishware or placements in the kitchen; or shower curtain and towels in the bathroom. Even a single item, such as a new and vivid light fixture, can makes all the difference in the world.

Incorporate touches of natural, organic materials

Minimalist spaces tend to be hard and their use of natural materials is often limited to stone. Broaden your experience of these spaces with softer, more organic materials. Wooden wall art or a driftwood centrepiece look great in a kitchen, while any bathroom can feel more welcoming with a wooden bath mat or houseplants in cheerfully-coloured pots.

Which natural materials will work best for you depends on your personal style. At Buy The Yard Interiors, listening and working with you, we're always here to help bring out the best in every room. Whether it's a wicker laundry basket in the bathroom, or a modern floral display featuring grasses in the kitchen, with a little help you can find the perfect fit.

The most important thing is to not allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the thought of updating minimalist decor. While it is true that any adjustments to this style must be handled carefully and thoughtfully, it is always possible to create exact the atmosphere you want.