Summer Trend – Bring the Outdoors In

There is something special about the way the great outdoors makes us feel relaxed and rejuvenated during the summer. Out in the natural world, we get to bask in the richness of summer. Bringing the outdoors inside our homes is an easy way to enhance and extend the pleasures of the season.


Greenery is one of the most popular ways to literally bring the outdoors into your home. Plants and flowers can make any space more welcoming and enjoyable. They even add an engaging punch of colour. Greenery is also exceptionally good as an accent for small or awkward empty spaces in your interior design. It's as simple as choosing a side table you really love, an attractive pot that elevates your decor, and a plant that's appearance or aroma lifts your spirits.

Choose accent colours associated with summer

Deep blues, rich reds, vibrant greens, and touches of gold – Introducing these colours can be as easy as switching out your curtains, or throw pillows, or art. If you are feeling more ambitious, you can apply a new paint colour or wallpaper to an accent wall, or replace a floor rug and end tables.

Use more natural materials

Surrounding yourself with design elements that feature stone, linen, wood, wicker, and other natural textiles will give you the feeling of being out in nature. The possibilities are limitless and it doesn't necessarily require you to make major design changes. It can be as simple as adding a new wooden side table in a peaceful, contemporary bathroom. You absolutely can find interior decor that uses natural materials and meets your tastes. Whether it's a piece of driftwood as a new centrepiece, cute wicker pots to grow fresh herbs on your kitchen windowsill, or wooden wall art, you will find options that suit your home perfectly.

Don’t be afraid of summer patterns

It may sound challenging to choose a bold pattern that compliments your existing decor, but you do not need to be afraid. There are summer patterns to suit every taste. Even something as specific as a throw pillow with a floral pattern will have many options for you to choose from. There are countless beautiful and complementary ways to bring summer patterns into your home – towels in the bathroom, placemats in the kitchen, wall art in the hallway, curtains in the great room, wallpaper on an accent wall, or a rug in the entranceway.

Get professional support

Whether you simply want to add a small pop of summer colour, or would like to update your decor and create a refreshing new atmosphere, our team of experts at Buy The Yard Interiors can help you bring the outdoors in on your terms. Contact us for more information about how to get exactly the look and feel you want from your home decor.