Enhancing and Adding Comfort to Your Outdoor Living Space

As hard as it is to believe, we're in to the month of May and we're just beginning to spend leisure time in our outdoor spaces – better late than never!


After cleaning up the yard, you've likely noticed some of your outdoor furniture, coverings and accessories have come through the Winter a little worse for the wear. Outdoor furniture is often overlooked when we think of customizing or re-upholstering. While many may opt to dispose of the aging pieces and replace them with something new, have you considered simply freshening up the worn fabrics?

Pergola Draperies – Spruce Up the Appearance and Add some Quaint Privacy

Your patio, deck or garden Pergola is often the centrepiece of your backyard – a place to relax with friends and family or enjoy some quiet time on your own. While not intended to be completely enclosed, sometimes a little privacy can go a long way in creating your backyard paradise.

Adding drapery to one or all sides – or even the roof – of your Pergola may be a subtle, yet fashionable solution to create a little shade and solitude. Buy The Yard Interiors offers many custom design options for all shapes and sizes of Pergolas, with many being available in UV and element resistant fabrics.

Not sure if drapery will work in your outdoor space? Reach out to us and we'd be happy to discuss everything from basic designs to custom creations!

Like the Chair in the Store, but not the Cushions? Older Outdoor Seating Cushions Faded or Torn?

We've all been there – you see a furniture piece in a store or online that fits perfectly in to an indoor space you have in mind – the size, style and build of the framing are just what you're looking for, but the fabric covering or filling of the cushions just wont work. This is no different for outdoor furniture, but not to worry!

There are a wide variety of element resistant fabrics and custom fill options available for your outdoor chairs, sofas, and even sectionals – whether it be a brand new piece that needs the final finishing touches to fit perfectly in to your recent backyard re-design, or a piece you've had for years but is in need of an update in comfort or style, a small change can make a big difference.

Before you walk away from that perfect new outdoor seating set or dispose of a favourite, simply because you feel you're stuck with the covering, consider customizing it from the get-go or freshening it up with new upholstery!

We're Happy to Help!

The options available to make things 'just right' in your backyard are plentiful – contact us at Buy The Yard Interiors and our experienced design team would be pleased to work with you to make your space outdoors relaxing and comfortable for yourself and your guests.