Warm Up Your Home for Winter

One of the best ways to take the chill out of the upcoming winter season is to warm up your home with cozy, comforting decor. Here are several easy and affordable ways you can warm up your home for the winter.


Add some spice with warm accent pieces

Picture your bed with plush, throw pillows or blankets in an exciting, eye-catching colour. Imagine your bathroom with pastel blue towels and a bright purple bath mat. Think about the luxurious feeling of soft textures in your living room, whether it's leather furniture, faux fur pillows, or a decorative knitted blanket.

Accent pieces are one of the most inexpensive and effective ways to warm up your home. Create an atmosphere where your entire home makes you feel as though you just enjoyed your favourite comfort food.

Add extra layers to your decor, the same way you bundle yourself up to go outside. A textured rug on top of your existing floor rug, lush green houseplants, an oversized Ottoman instead of a coffee table, sticks of cinnamon as a centrepiece, colourful artwork for the walls, displaying books on end tables – every little touch of warmth you add combines to make a profound and positive experience for you and your family.

A splash of colour on your walls

Winter is dark and you must be careful not to darken your home further with too much rich, warm colour. However, if you have a bright, modern home with lots of natural light, you can afford to indulge and splash some vibrant red, comforting orange, or soothing yellow in an area where you spend a lot of time, such as a kitchen, living room, or bedroom.

Accent walls may be falling out of style in other seasons, but they can still be a wonderful way to help melt away those winter blues.

Say goodbye to cool lighting

Contemporary preferences for silver-hued metal light fixtures and light bulbs that emit a cool, blue light are great in other seasons but they can really lower your mood in winter. Swap out your existing light bulbs for lower-wattage ones that bathe your home in a welcoming, warm glow.

If you want an even more striking impact, consider new seasonal light fixtures and lamps. During the coldest months, you would be surprised how much better a bronze light fixture fan or mustard lamp can make you feel. Consider other sources of light as well. For example, enable the eye comfort setting on your mobile devices that reduces cool, blue light.

Ceiling fans are also an especially popular choice this season. Warm air rises, so having a fan to cycle it throughout your house can literally help warm it up.

Whatever your existing style, with some expert guidance you can affordably heat up the atmosphere in your home and raise the spirits of everyone who steps inside. At Buy The Yard Interiors, we believe every homeowner should be able to make the winter season a little more inviting. All you have to do is contact us via email or phone and we will schedule an appointment.