At Buy the Yard Interiors, we feel that comfort and function are essential to the enjoyment of your home. How often have you shopped for design items and settled for second best, or worse yet, completely wasted your money on items that never fit the bill or felt right in your space? Our experienced interior decorators, led by owner Anne Smith and interior decorator Nancy Bradley, will assist you in picking out décor that expresses your personality perfectly, while fitting in with your schedule and budget.

I get really excited when my clients are pleased with their new décor. My goal is to give them a living or working space that not only looks fabulous, but is 100% functional as well. Back in university we learned that ‘form follows function’, so we work with the customer to determine what their real needs are. We appreciate it so much when a client tells us that they have really enjoyed working with us because we have not missed a detail and haven’t been pushy. Ultimately, the decisions are made by the customer. We always remember that it is their home. - Owner & Interior Decorator, Anne Smith

Drop by our boutique and we will show you our amazing selection of quality fabrics, drapery, blinds, custom furniture and upholstery. Choose from our fantastic array of unique accessories, such as lamps, pictures, mirrors and ornaments. Many of our items are made right here in Canada, supporting local jobs and our local economy. Our design services are uniquely tailored to each one of our clients and we always put your wishes and desires first.

We’d like to invite you to visit us at Buy the Yard Interiors in our new space located at 73 Wilson Street West in the Ancaster Town Plaza in Unit 19. We always have something new and unique and we’d love to show you around soon!